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Angela MX series

  • General Surgery Indication
    - Corns, Warts etc
    - Freckles
    - Birthmarks(mole)
    - Skin resurfacing
    - Phimosiectomy
    - Tumor elimination
    - Hemorrhoids and anal fistulas
    - Fine wrinkle
    - Condyloma
    - Syringoma
    - Snoring
  • Dental Surgery Indication
    - The second implant operation
    - Hyper sensitive
    - Hemostasis after dental extraction
    - Herpetic gingivitis
    - Crown lengthening
    - Frenulum excision
    - Gingival excision
    - Gingival plastic operation
    - Cleaning of dental cuticle cyst
    - Removal of pigmentation
    - Pulp capping -Fluorine coating
    - Allergic splenitis
    - Sterilization in paradental cyst
    - Sterilization in root canal
    - Abscess treatment
  • Fractional Surgery indication
    - Skin tightening
    - Wrinkle
    - Large pore
    - Acne scar
    - Skin resurfacing
    - Stretch mark
    - Laser peeling
    - Rubbing mode
    - Pudenda


Model Angela MX series
Laser Type CO2 Laser
Wave length 10.600nm
Laser power 1-40W/ RF Tube(Synrad USA)
Aiming Beam Diode Laser 655nm (5mw) :1-10 Step  
Surgical Mode Handpiece Type 50mm,100mm(Basic) E.N.T & Dental
Laser Operation Mode 1. CW         2. Normal Pulse         3. Super Pulse
4. S.P.C
5. Ultra Pulse
6. Smart Protocol(General Surgery/Dental Surgery)
Pulse Mode - Ultra Pulse
- Super Pulses
- Normal Pulse
Repeat Time OFF, 2ms/500ms adjustable, 5ms, 10ms, 30ms, 50ms, 70ms, 100ms, 250ms, 500ms
Fractional Mode
Smart Pulse
Smart Pulse
Beam Mode Ultra Pulse
Density Level 1-23 Step(x,y line) ; 9dots-4489 dots
Operation Mode Fractional Mode
Low Pain Fractional Mode
Beam Patterns Array,Grid, Random
Beam Size 2×2mm - 20×20mm
Beam Shape
Depth Level 1-5 Step
Handpiece - Fractional Handpiece(Galvanic Motor)
- Vaginal Rejuvenation Handpiece(Optional)
Repeat Time OFF, 0.5 , 1.5, 2, 2.5ms
General Features
Electrical Requirements 220v, 6A. single phase,50/60hz
Cooling System water cooling
Dimensions 350x360x1200
Weight 52Kg
Display 10.2 inches color lcd

Details of Angela with Fractional CO2 Laser

  • The Fractional CO2 laser with Angela trademark operates by creating 100 micrometer columns of laser beam in the skin align with the ability to adjust the number of laser beam dots.
    The Angela delivers the laser energy to the target tissue by using a particular double part pulse called Smart Pulse.
    In the first step, a high power Ablative pulse with short duration leads to micrometer destruction of tissue which delivers the laser energy into the optimum depth of tissue.
    In the second step, a low power pulse with long duration delivers the required thermal energy into the depth of tissue and leads to new vascularization and collagen remodeling by stimulating the fibroblasts of the tissue.
    Therefore, by manipulation of this technology, we will gain high quality and long lasting restoration of the tissue.
    Moreover, there will be no damage to the tissue and the risk of complications will be drastically diminished.

    Vaginal Rejuvenation is a procedure that tightens the vaginal canal and reduces thecomplications associated with vaginal deterioration.
    As time passes, due to childbirth and aging, vaginal muscles relax and begin to have poor tone, strength and control, causing both internal and external complexities to increase. This makes women may experience decreased friction or stimulation during intercourse, leading to a reduction in sexual gratification.
    Many women seek some treatment helpful because they want to improve sexual gratification for themselves, as well as, their partners.
    They also want to prevent unpleasant vaginal discharge and urinary incontinence. The procedure aims to rejuvenate the vagina in order for women to achieve the best sexual experience possible and to regain their self-confidence and femininity.
    Vaginal Rejuvenation aims to rejuvenate the vagina in order for women to achieve the best sexual experience possible and to regain their self-confidence and femininity. This procedure can improve and rejuvenate the troubled vagina by shrinking the internal canal.
    And additionally, by correcting and whitening the Labia, the patient can recover self-confidence. This procedure by Laser called "LVR" (Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation).

The merits of LVR known as follows

  • - No incision
  • - No consumable parts
  • - No bleeding
  • - No shaving hair
  • - No enema
  • - Short treatment time
  • - Short recovery time (Normal daily life can be possible on the same day of treatment)

1. Who need LVR treatment?

  • - Decreased sensation and stimulation during intercourse
  • - Gaping vaginal opening (unsightly in appearance)
  • - Loose vaginal walls with minimal muscle tone
  • - Inability to hold in feminine products (ex. tampons)
  • - Air trapping in the vagina producing sounds during intercourse or while walking.
  • - And who wants followings
  • - Vaginal rejuvenation
  • - Reduction and treatment of vaginal relaxation(Vaginal tightening)
  • - Treatment of vaginal atrophy after menopause and its consequences
  • - Whitening & bleaching of external genital area
  • - Treatment of urinary incontinence (mild grade)
  • - Treatment of vaginal dryness, itching and burning
  • - Treatment of dysparenea
  • - Labiaplasty
  • - Cervix ablation, conization
  • - Improve remission of vaginal secretion
  • - Vaginal mucosa remodeling
  • - Vaginal wall thickening
  • - Keep from inflammatory
  • - Cystocele

2. Expected effects

  • - Self-confidence/esteem
  • - Sexual gratification
  • - Lessen discharge/Urinary incontinence
  • - Better appearance of the vulva
  • - Wrinkle improvement
  • - Increasing elasticity

3. How the procedure going?

  • 1) Preparation
  • Some tips that may help you shorten the recovery time and decrease your chances of complications:
  • - Discontinue using Aspirin (including medication containing Aspirin).
  • - Stop smoking for at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure date as nicotine can impair circulation and healing.
  • - Don't drink alcohol in excess for two week before the procedure and one week after.
  • - Drink plenty of water prior to procedure.
  • 2) Procedure
  • Normally it takes 15 – 30 minutes for vaginal treatment and similar time for pudenda treatment.
    Of course, the time should be adjustable according to the patient's condition.
  • a. Vaginal treatment
  • - Not very sensitive area.
  • - Treat using a little high energy.
  • - Recommended:
  • Fractional laser beam, Energy 50 – 100 mJ, Pulse duration 2 – 4 ms.
    Emission fractional beam for comparatively long pulse duration already proved as very effective treatment.
  • - Use LVR hand piece with sterilized probe.
  • - Irradiate laser every 1 cm and 360°(45° by 45°) from canal of uterine cervix to the beginning of vagina.
  • - Prepare for treatment dressing force X 1, speculum X 1, vaginal tablet.
  • - One time, one session. One session, 2-3 passes.
  • angela
  • b. Urinary incontinence
  • - Not very sensitive area.
  • - Treat using a little high energy.
  • - Similar to vaginal treatment but irradiate upper part only.
  • angela
  • c. Pudenda
  • - Sensative area.
  • - With fractional hand piece, use low energy.
  • - Recommended:
  • Fractional laser beam, Energy 30 – 45mJ, Pulse duration 1.5 – 2ms.
  • - Apply anesthesia cream about 20 minutes before treatment.
  • - It is necessary to apply ice pack 20 – 30 minutes after treatment.
  • angela
  • 3) Post Treatment
  • - Take medicine (antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, steroid) for 3 – 4 days from the treatment.Make sure that you take all medications as prescribed.
  • - Vitamin can help sooner recovery.
  • - Apply ice packs to the perineum off and on for the first 48 hours to minimize swelling.
  • - Medicines sometimes can cause constipation (it is the most common complaint) and you should drink plenty of fluids, and eat fruits and vegetables to help to keep the stools soft.
  • 4) Cautions
  • - Treatment cannot be applied during menstrual period.
  • - The recovery process is different for everyone, but the same day of your LVR, you should be up and walking around.
  • - Patients can take shower from the next day after treatment.
  • - No tube bath for1week after treatment.
  • - Sexual intercoursepossible after 2 weeks.
  • - Refrain from tight fitting clothing for 2 weeks.
  • - Avoid jogging and bouncing activities for up to 4 weeks.



  • Due to decrease in estrogen hormone production and also destruction of the vessels, collagen, elastin and glycogen of the tissues in the genital areas of women, the tissue becomes harder and thinner in the ages of menopause. Hence, there is a feeling of dryness, pain and sometimes itching and burn. This process can be a cause of dryness, bleeding and pain during sexual intercourse followed by undesirable problems including negative impacts on the relationship of the couples.

    In addition to aforementioned side effects, it might result in changing the PH of the tissue followed by a higher possibility of the pathogenic bacterial overgrowth and infection of the vaginal area which in turn may seriously affect health.

1. Conventional treatment techniques for genital area atrophy :

  • 1) Plastic surgery :
  • quite high costs/risks of surgery and necessary post-op cares, need for anesthesia/sutures, hemorrhage, probable long-time complete bed rest and inability to have sexual intercourse for at least 2 months and moreover loosing the ability of normal vaginal delivery, are the most important problems that make acceptance of surgery more difficult for most of women.
  • 2) Hormone therapy :
  • this modality of treatment should be done very cautiously according to the high possibility of cancers. Furthermore, since the results of this treatment method are not permanent and certain, it must be continued for a long time.

2. Which efficient treatment technique can lead us to the goal without undesirable side effect?

  • The novel and most effective way of therapy is applying of AngelaTM LASER which is a reliable and minimally invasive method. It results in both repair and composition of higher quality new vaginal tissue which can be done outpatient.

    Particularly, this method is suitable for that kind of patients who have limitations in taking hormonal drugs despite suffering from the complications of the atrophy like the ones who have uterine cancers or endometriosis.

  • Fractional CO2 LASER MX-7000 with the brand name AngelaTM is the newest and the most complete LASER in the world special for women (certified by professional international gynecology societies worldwide) using a patented and unique technique named "Smart Pulse". In this technique, ablative mechanical destruction of the injured tissue stimulates fibroblasts, leads to new collagen and vascular formation followed by repair and rejuvenation of the vaginal tissue in a very short time and without any pain by producing guided heat.

  • The novel therapy can be done within maximum 15 minutes, with minimum cost, and without need for surgery or admission in hospital. AngelaTM can be used for:
  • - reducing laxity and dryness of the vagina
  • - rejuvenating and repair of the vagina
  • - treatment of vaginal atrophy due to menopause
  • - eliminating the pain during sexual intercourse
  • - resolving burn and itching of the vagina
  • - treatment of urinary stress incontinence (a kind of incontinence because of inside abdomen pressure increase, i.e., due to coughing, sneezing or laughing)
  • - rejuvenating, firming and shaping of the external genitalia within possible shortest time
  • - reducing discoloration/blurring of the skin and whitening of the genital area

  • As you may know, after each pregnancy because of hormonal alterations, the vulva becomes darker and blurred permanently.
    Obesity and PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease; malfunction of the ovaries) are the other causes of discoloration of the genital
    area. By using this method with a mild scrub and removing discolored cells, we can improve the discoloration due to hormonal effects and besides with renewing the epidermis, superficial folding and laxity of the skin gets better and gives a fresher look to
    the appearance of the area.

  • - Labiaplasty (cosmeticizing the external genitalia)

  • By having a surgical pen, AngelaTM can be used for lessening the size and cosmeticizing the labia. By this fantastic option, there will be minimum destruction in the normal tissue. Moreover, the time needed for healing decreases significantly. AngelaTM gives a worthy help to do an elegant cosmetic surgery on the labia tissue.
  • Note : repairing of the vaginal tissue by AngelaTM is 360 degrees, i.e., uniformly thickens the vagina wall in all sides and preserves its normal anatomy, while in surgical methods, tightening can be done only in one side.
  • Is there any age limitation in using AngelaTM?
  • No, there isn't any age limitations for the mentioned applications and using LASER in young adults causes continuity of beauty, health and makes enthusiasm for warmer relationships .In middle aged women, in addition to cure, it gives more passion for normal life and return back to the climax of youth!

  • Is it necessary to use AngelaTM only in the operation room?
  • No, this device is equipped to the mode "SMART PULSE", so the procedure can be done in the office in a very short time and there is no need for anesthesia.

  • How long does it take to do the procedure with AngelaTM?
  • Basically, the time needed for treatment of atrophy and laxity of the vagina by AngelaTM is between 5 – 15 minutes.

  • How long is the convalescence time?
  • Actually there isn't mentioned convalescence time in this method and the only advice is prohibition of swimming and sexual intercourse for one week.

  • When the healing results of LASER therapy can be visible?
  • The positive results by using AngelaTM can be sensed just in the first week after the first session of therapy.

  • How many sessions does it need?
  • Based on the physicians' comments, it can be done up to 3 sessions.

  • How long is the durability of the effects by AngelaTM?
  • This is the only noninvasive method that its respective positive effects lasts for at least several months and even years and based on the physicians' advice, after 1 or 2 years, another session of therapy can be done.

  • Can we use any other CO2 LASER device in this case?
  • No, CO2 LASER has significant effects in this case but if the device doesn't have "SMART PULSE" mode, possibility of complications is more than treatment.
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