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  • - Skin Tightening & Lifting
    - Contraction of Dermis & SMAS layer by HIFU
    - Minimizing Skin Damage by Selective Treatment
  • - Short Treatment time
    - Non-Surgical Face Lifting and Tightening


  • Amazing Bu:tera transmits thermal energy into SMAS layer located in deep beneath the skin.
    This energy makes thermal damage and then the skin tightened by coagulation and regeneration.


  • Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System
  • -The area between just bottom of the dermis and the top of the muscle layer.
    -This muscle layer can cause wrinkle and skin loosening.


Irradiation Type High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
Frequency 4MHz, 7Mhz
Max Energy 2.0J/cm²
Standard Cartridges 4MHz : 4.5mm, 7MHz : 3.0mm
Optional Cartridges 4MHz : 7mm,13mm(Body&Fat)
7MHz : 1.5mm(Face)
Spacing Short : 1.0~5.0mm (0.5mm step)
Long : 2.0~5.0mm (0.5mm step)
Pulse Duration Adjustable from10-50ms at short
Adjustable from50-90ms at long
Length Face : 5~30mm(1mm step), Body : 5~35mm(7.0mm,13mm)
Spot Size Spot < 3mm
Control 10.2 Inch True Color Touch LCD GUI System
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