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  • - Skin Rejuvenation
    - Acne scar
    - Lunch peel
  • - Wrinkle, fine lines
    - Skin resurfacing
    - Rubbing mode
  • - Large pore
    - Skin tightening
    - Stretch mark


  • Strong points for fractional laser with RF excited tube
  • - Thermal damage on the skin can be considerably reduced by using ultra pulse laser beam.
  • - MicroSys installed high quality Galvano motor for the fast, precise and safe treatment.
    Also the treatment method is very convenient because it can adjust beam density
    and size with easy.
  • - Unlikely existing other device, MicroSys is added multiful functions such as rubbing
    mode which other maximize the treatment result.
  • - Patients can do daily life very soon after treatment because
  • - downtime is very short.


Technical Specifications
Laser Type CO₂Laser (RF) / USA Origin
Wave length 10.600nm
Laser power 1-40W (CW mode)
Aiming Beam Diode Laser 655nm (5mw) :1-10 Step
Surgical Mode Handpiece Type 50mm,100mm(Basic) E.N.T & Dental Handpiece::Optional
Laser Operation Mode 1.CW 2.Normal Pulse 3.Super Pulse
4.S.P.C 5.Ultra Pulse
6.Smart Protocol(General Surgery/Dental Surgery)
Pulse Mode - Ultra Pulse
- Super Pulse
- Normal Pulse
Repeat Time OFF,2ms/500ms adjustable, 5ms, 10ms, 30ms,
50ms, 70ms, 100ms, 250ms, 500ms
Fractional Mode Beam Mode Ultra Pulse
Density Level 1-23 Step(x,y line) ; 9dots-4489 dots
Operation Mode Fractional Mode
Low Pain Fractional Mode
Beam Patterns Array,Grid, Random
Beam Size 2×2mm - 20×20mm
Beam Shape ■ ▲ ●
Depth Level 1-5 Step
Handpiece - Fractional Handpiece(Galvanic Motor)
- Vaginal Rejuvenation Handpiece(Optional)
Repeat Time OFF, 0.5 , 1.5, 2, 2.5ms
General Features
Electrical Requirements 220~240v, single phase, 50/60hz
Cooling System Air cooling
Dimensions 400x390x1000mm
Weight 50Kg
Display 10.2 inches true color LCD
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