About us

Welcome to IDS LTD group, a company that takes pride in providing superior product and service satisfaction.

As a leading global manufacturer in Aesthetic, Surgical, Dental, Cosmetic as well as Veterinary industry, we specialize in various laser functionalities that is used in both Surgical/Aesthetic and Surgical/Dental treatment simultaneously.

We work in Cosmetic and Dental field and will strive to be a leader in this industry through Research and Development.

Over the decades, our unique technology was heavily concentrated on excelled in the Medical and cosmetic space.  We take pride in our company’s rapid growth and expansion.  We export our products of Surgical, Aesthetic, Dental and Cosmetic Products and services to over 45 countries worldwide.

We take pride in our high-quality products and services and sincerely wish to grow our partnership with you.


K.Y. Ahn

Chief Executive Officer

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