Smoke Evacuator – DS-2000E+

Perfect elimination of smoke and smell happened while laser operation.

The specifications of DS-2000E+

  • Low noise, UV&Plasma, ULPA filter.
  • To use Suction Functions simultaneously.
  • 3 layer’s filter to be used for Max. 1,000hours.
  • Evacuating smoke and smell with low-noise.
  • Adjustable suction power according to the quantities of smoke.
  • DS-2000E+ can perfectly eliminate the bacterium and virus in the smoke.

What is DS-2000E+?

DS-2000E+ belongs to the smoke vacuum system series. It is a device that minimizes contamination of indoor air by sucking in aerosol particles or small water drops when using a high speed handpiece or doing scaling. It also comes with a sterilization function. It is equipped with a noise silencer.

Strong Points

  • Luxury Design · Light Weight
  • 3 Filters (Pre, Carbon, Hepa Filters)
  • Multi Flexable Arm
  • UV · Plasma
  • Indication for Fillter replacement


Power Supply Single phase AC 220V~240V 50~60Hz, 110/220V , 50~60Hz
Output Power 1247W〔120V, 1251W〔230V〕
Current(A) 110V〔10A, 220V〔5.2A〕
Air Flow 3.98m3/min〔HEPA〕
Air Pressure 23.7kpa〔230V, 25.2kpa〔120V〕
Control Mode Step 1~9
Filter 1st filter 〔Pre filter〕
2nd filter〔Carbon filter〕
3rd filter 〔HEPA filter〕
Noise Level approx.45~65dB
Motor Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Flexible hose length(H type) 1,200mm
Hose Weight Approx.2kg
Body Size 295(W)*330(D)*738(H)mm
Body Weight Approx.13.5kg