Smoke Evacuator – DS-2000E

Perfect elimination of smoke and smell happened while laser operation.

The specifications of DS-2000E

  • To use Suction and Light Functions simultaneously.
  • Adjustable suction power according to the quantities of smoke.
  • Shining function with light to the diseased part if needed.
  • Evacuating smoke and smell with low-noise.
  • 3 layer’s filter to be used for Max. 1,000hours.
  • DS-2000E can perfectly eliminate the bacterium and virus in the smoke.

Suction and Light(option) Function

DS-2000E has not only the suction function to evacuate smoke but also shining function with light(option) to the operated parts.
DS-2000E is also designed for foreign material of smoke not to leave on the light head.

To use DS-2000E while waiting for maintenance

When one of two circuits for Light and Suction has problems, you can use it through opposite circuit by pressing emergency button.

Wide evacuating hole

DS-2000E can evacuate much more quantities of smoke amd smell silently with wide evacuating hole.

Switch on the upper case and Foot switch on touch system.

Switch on the upper case can be controlled very easily and the Foot switch is also very convenient as Foot switch on touch system which works by one stepping and stops by another stepping.


Electrical 220V AC 60Hz 10
Suction Power MAX 400W
Dimension 300X320X740mm
Filtration Threestage : Pre-filter, CarbonFilter, Ulpa or Hepa filter
Weight 20Kg
Pre-Filter Carbon-Filter Ulpa or Hepa filter
Quality Polyester Active carbon Glass-fiber
Capacity Elimination dust in atmosphere from 3 to 30㎛ Virus, elimination

NH3, SO3, No, etc

Elimination dust

In atnoshere 0.3㎛

Efficiency( % ) AFI 85% Air Purification 97% DOP 99.99%