ORCHESTRA Cool Health & Beauty Care System

  • Four different sizes of handpieces make treatment easy for the whole body.
  • Four handpieces working simultaneously, save staff cost, save treatment time.
  • Super strong cooling system, ensure the minimum treatment temperature reduce to -15→5℃.
  • Non-surgery, no risk, easily intelligentize and humanization operation.
  • No need recovery, no downtime, come back to work immediately.
  • Variety accessories for multi-functional treatment.
  • Luxury design.
  • Easy operation for all program.


Handles number 4 handles

(1 Large, 2 Medium, 1 Small)

Handle screen 5 inch touch screen
Vacuum intensity 0-100kPa adjustable
Handle sizes Large : 200*76*125mm

Medium : 160*56*65mm

Small : 125*45*70mm

Machine screen 10.4 inch touch screen
Cooling temperature -15→5℃
Cooling system Water, Air, Semi-conductor triple cooling system
Input power 2500W
Output power 1600W
Machine dimensions 1230*450*420mm
Fuse specifications Ø5 x 25  15A
Machine dimensions AC220V ± 10%, 10A, 50HZ  / AC110V ±10% 10A, 60HZ