Shiny Plus is upgraded from the existing RPL model using our independent technology for innovative.
The better Photo rejuvenation & Hair removal treatment and more compact design.

Shiny Plus represents the latest version of skin care equipment, which is built with the innovation technology of IDS Ltd.
For safe and easy operation, the company has refined its technology and conducted clinical tests for many years.

User instruction

Shiny Plus is suitable for treatment procedures for pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, acne and hair removal using basic wavelengths of 415nm, 560nm and 640nm. It can be also used for treatment of dark skin rejuvenation and hair removal by shifting to optional wavelengths of 640nm, 695nm and 755nm (ALEX Light). Wavelength can be selected very easily using a small rotator on the handpiece.

Fast treatment

The interval between each shot is shorter than that of the previous versions, and this makes the treatment easier and faster.

Verified parameters

By smart protocols proper wavelength can be selected easily.
The set parameters are optimized based on many clinical experiments to deliver maximal effects and safety.

Advantages & Stronger points comparing to other devices

  1. White toning (415nm)
    – Low depth of penetration (0.05~0.1mm) / High absorption (Melanin & Hemoglobin)
    – Safety (Fractional Concept IPL) / Excellent efficacy for faintly pigmented lesions
    – Fractional type is our patent
  2. Less side effects by heat (Fractional safety zone)
  3. Combine Rejuvenation (415nm+560nm) –> Amazing result in skin toning (Best in the world)
  4. Acne treatment
  5. Fast hair removal (SHR)
  6. ALEX (755nm) for hair removal (Best in the world)

Technical Features

Maximal safety is achieved by Lattice technology based on fractional concepts.
Lattice Optimal benefits of Lattice are provided by cutting edge technology.

Traditional Spot Shiny Plus

  1. Rotating technology-based on IPL
    Shiny Plus allows easy choice of a wavelength range desired by using a rotator mounted in the hand piece. Selection of Wavelengths is easy without replacing the filter or the hand piece. (Patent No. 10-2004-0012778)
  1. Stable energy supply
    A steady energy supply, which is achieved by technological expertise, allows safe operation of this beauty equipment and maximizes effects of treatment effects for each skin type.
  1. Cooling system can be controlled
    Semiconductor-based cooling system of Shiny Plus can be controlled via the monitor, and maintains a steady temperature once it is set. This cooling system is aimed for minimizing pain of the patient and side effects.


Technical Specifications
Light Source Split (Intense) Pulsed Light (Xenon lamp)
Wavelength 415~1200mm, 530~1200mm, 560~1200mm
640~1200mm, 690~1200mm, 744~1200mm
Fluence 5~40J/㎠
Spot Size 14.3 X 42.6mm
Pulse Sequence Single, Double, Tripple Pulses, SHR mode
Pulse Duration 2.0 ~ 35.0ms
Pulse Delay 3.0 ~ 60.0ms
Repetition Rate 1~10Hz (Per Second)
Light Conduction Quartz/ Sapphire Coupling
Cooling Approximately up to 5℃, adjustable
System Specifications
Electrical Requirements 220V/16A, 50/60Hz
Physical Dimensions 360(D) X 520(L) X 1230(H)mm
Weight 60Kg