ERICA : Ultra & Long Pulsed Er:YAG (2940nm)

The Erica laser provides powerful results for treatment of epidermal skin lesions, various scars, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Erica comes with four modes: Ultra, Short, Middle, Long pulsed mode for ablation and the long pulsed mode for remodeling.


Item Ultra & Long Pulsed Er:YAG (2940nm)
Wavelength 12940nm
Pulse Duration
Pulse Energy (Max)
Repetition Rate
Ultra Pulse : 250us Short Pulse : 350us
Ultra Pulse : 50-1500mJ Short Pulse : 50-1400mJ
Ultra Pulse : 3-10HZ Short Pulse : 3-10HZ
Middle Pulse : 600us Long Pulse : 1000us
Middle Pulse : 50-1200mJ Long Pulse : 50-1000mJ
Middle Pulse : 3-7HZ Long Pulse : 3-5HZ
Spot Size Handpiece (Spot Size) : ∅ 1-7mm
Fractional Handpiece : 10mm(Optional handpiece)
Display 10.4” TFT
Cooling System Closed cycle water to air heat exchanger
Electical Power ac 220V, 50/60Hz