that provides high power output during all the pigment procedures.

Consistent output on a large targeted area with uniform energy distribution allows safe and effective treatment, minimizing skin thermal injury and selectively destroying pigments presents throughout the dermis.

Also PTP mode presents less pain and faster regeneration, compared to the single pulse.


  • Melasma, Nevus of Ota
  • PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)
  • Freckles

Laser Soft Peel & Genesis

  • Soft Peel with carbon cream for removing a dead skin cell : Acne (especially for seborrhea), Large Pores, Skin Whitening
  • Genesis using PTP Mode : Skin Rejuvenation by stimulating a fibrous cell in the skin.

Derma Pigment Lesions

  • Tatto ink, Nevus of Ota/ Ito /Blue Abnom
    (Acquired Bilateral Nevus of Ota-like Macular)

Epidermal Lesions

  • Age Spot, Cafe au Lait
  • Seborrheic Keratos
  • Solar /Simplex Lentigo

585nm (Dye hand piece)

  • Which is commonly used in vascular treatment with long pulse durations and targets the endothelium
  • Inflammatory acne
  • Flushing
  • Melasma concomitant with abnormal dermal vascular activity
  • Post Acne

650nm(Dye hand piece)

  • Used for removal of epidermal pigmented lesions due to its lower absorption in melanin and oxy and deoxy-hemoglobin.
  • Freckles
  • Other epidermal pigmented lesions

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  • Safe & High Performance for Tatto Removal, Epidermal    & Dermal pigment lesion
  • Provide suitable parameter, which was accumulated by experience, for individual procedure
  • Reliable steady seller qualified by FDA, CE, KFDA Inclusive of procedures available with 4 types of Handpiec


  • Zoom hand Piece(2~10mm, Standard)
  • Fractional hand Piece for 532nm & 1064nm(Optional)
  • Dye Hand Piece (585nm,595nm optional)
  • Dye Hand Piece (650nm, 660nm optional)

The Flat Top-Hat beam profile

  • deliver even and consistent energy to target area

PTP (Photoacoustic Twin Pulse) Mode

  • Less painful and milder reaction to pigments
  • Less injury to the surrounding tissues and faster regeneration
  • Less Hypo-pigmentation, PIH and other adverse effects

Premium Technical Specification

Item Q10 Q10-Premium
Wavelength 1064m/532nm/585nm/650nm 1064m
Operating mode Q-Switched Genesis mode Depilation mode
Pulse Energy 1064nm Long pulse N/A 50J
1064nm (Single) Max. 1.0J Max. 1.0J
1064nm (Double) Max. 1.8J Max. 1.8J
1064nm (Genesis) Max. 4.5J Max. 4.5J
532nm (Single) Max.500mJ Max.500mJ
532nm (Double) Max.500mJ Max.500mJ
585nm Max.300mJ Max.300mJ
650nm Max.150mJ Max.150mJ
Pulse Width Nd:YAG 5~6nsec 5~6nsec ~ 30ms
Spot size 2~10mm (1064/532nm)
2mm (585/650nm)
Two handpiece-2~10mm,
Pulse Rate Max. 1Hz -10Hz


Item Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
Wavelength 1064m/532nm/585nm/650nm
Operating mode Q-Switched Genesis mode
Pulse Energy 1064nm Long pulse N/A
1064nm (Single) Max. 1.0J
1064nm (Double) Max. 1.8
1064nm (Genesis) Max. 2.3J
532nm (Single) Max.500mJ
532nm (Double) Max.500mJ
585nm Max.250mJ
650nm Max.150mJ
Pulse Width Nd:YAG 5~6nsec
Spot size 2~10mm (1064/532nm)
2mm (585/650nm)
Pulse Rate Max. 1Hz -10Hz
Aiming beam Diode 650nm
Optional Handpiece 585, 595, 650, 660nm Hand piece
Fractional handpiece